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After a five (5) game skid, the Redlegs beat the San Diego Padres today! I'm a happy buddy.

ServiceMesh – Cloud Control

So today I started toying around with a new tool I think would be awesome for the work I do with enterprise organizations and their cloud environments. The tool is called ServiceMesh.

With ServiceMesh I can create a new instance in any of a number of clouds, build the instance from a script and deploy applications to it. OR I can design a blueprint for an environment (LAMP with separate instances for different work (disk, DB & compute let’s say)) and use that blueprint to easily create new editions to an environment when an app sees an infrastructure need change, or if I want to blueprint an app’s environment to rubber-stamp the next level up (say when building QA after building & testing DEV.)

ServiceMesh is a really exciting tool, and not the only one of its kind, but certainly one of the most interesting from my perspective.


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The Reds Should Heed This List

This list of the top MLB ballparks has some oft-overlooked but insightful opinions on Great American Ballpark. I really think the Reds should heed these words.

First thing’s first

Ok, let’s get this out of the way and set some ground rules.

  1. This is my blog, I post whatever I want, whenever I want to.
  2. It might contain pictures of your cat or my cousin’s dinner.
  3. It’s likely to contain political, economic and social opinions you really don’t agree with.
  4. I like startups, am involved with startups and run a startup. Expect posts about startups.

That said, welcome friend!

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