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Games, Games, Games

So I picked up a PS3 kinda late in the game about a month ago and have played through a few games on it. You’d think it would be largely the same experience as on an Xbox or a PC/Mac, but oddly it’s not. It’s largely better, and I honestly cannot pinpoint why yet. I’ll add a post in the future if I figure it out.


But the real reason for this post is that I was inspired today during a conversation with a co-worker I started dreaming up an ambitious MMO project. I won’t go into depth of detail yet because I hope to chat with some people in the game development world first to decide if it’s viable or not, but… I’d freaking play this game if it was available today. Done deal.

A Case Against the Designated Hitter in the National League

I hear this crap about Major League Baseball changing to a Designated Hitter style system in the National League. It always makes me sad.

For those not in the know, there are certain strategic anomalies in baseball’s primary leagues which serve to differentiate them from each other. This is a distinct peculiarity unique to baseball which doesn’t exist in any form in any of the other major sports. Not football. Not hockey. Not soccer. Not basketball. Only baseball has an instantly discernible difference between their two major brackets.

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3 Reasons LinkedIn Skill Endorsements are Stupid

I’m an open-networker. I pretty literally will connect with anyone, anywhere for any reason. I’ve met new friends through LinkedIn and business contacts through Twitter. The Internet is an amazing place, and LinkedIn, good and bad, is the hub of professional networking online.

LinkedIn Skills Endorsements

LinkedIn Skills Endorsements

Last year LinkedIn introduced a new feature called “Skills,” whereby your connections can crowdsource-verify your expertise. Simple in theory and exciting at first. But then the inevitable happened… The internet found it. There are a bevy of reasons why I think the Skill Endorsements on LinkedIn are rubbish, but for brevity, I’ll list just three here.

1. People Make Assumptions

We all do it, we meet someone new and we find out what they do. But we only really know on a very basic level about their expertise. If we connect and you tell me you work in the financial industry, I could connect any number of dots to decide you work in derivatives. But perhaps you don’t. Perhaps you work in insurance, or bond investments, or non-profit financial planning services.

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This is why I believe Teaity will do well…

Vertically focused startups are pulling some of the best performances around. Why? Because they're not so broad as to try too much and be great at nothing. Instead, they're focused enough to treat their target user-base like VIPs. This is why I think my startup, Teaity, will ultimately do well.