About Me

Hello there, my name is Chris Giddings. I am obsessed with tea and technology. I have a deep rooted interest in politics, education, science, startups, video games, movies, history, and current events. I consider myself a foodie and I regularly run a fun geeky foodie meetup group in my hometown of Cincinnati which has several hundred members.

I have been working in the technology industry nearly twenty years now and I’ve experienced a wide array of industries and positions providing me with broader perspective when it comes to impact. This broad experience set also has instilled a deeper tendency toward creative operational and support solutions.

If you’d like to inquire about my technology consulting services, please keep in mind I have a preference to work remotely and tend to maintain multiple contracts at a time. I have done this for quite some time and have found it advantageous for both parties as I remain flexible with my time and you save on expenses since I’ll only bill for the time I use on your project and not because I’m sitting 40+ hours at a desk somewhere.


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