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Position by Position Off-season Goals for the Reds

Something unexpected happened at the end of the regular season for the Cincinnati Reds. They stalled. Right in the middle of the intersection of fate and the postseason. Some will say their inconsistent play during the regular season was enough for early diagnosis of this result.

Others will say it just wasn’t their year, that the Cardinals and Pirates just made them work too hard for it. Or they’ll say the Reds team lacks a clear leader willing to hold his teammates’ balls to the fire when he doesn’t hold himself to the higher standard.

Rubbish I say. Complete rubbish. The Reds easily could have had a better year than the Pirates or Cardinals in 2013, even counting in the injuries and other factors. Sloppy play, failure to adhere to little league basics and a lack of inner vitriol over losses is why the Reds couldn’t take it all the way this year.

So, let’s go position by position on why a given player failed this year and what they need to work on to make this team successful in 2014 so they can get to The Series.

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