My own path

My own path

Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

Hungry for knowledge

There's so much to learn in the world. It's hardly just technology. We learn new things every day about people, places, and things. And also about ourselves.

There's an incredible array of topics that fascinate me. And I have spent my lifetime learning and doing whatever I can to absorb knowledge and connect that knowledge with experiences and opportunities.

I am naturally curious and maintain a pretty high degree of entrepreneurial spirit. I love to try things, and never take the first result as a final outcome, just a step on the path to success.

The path

Many people are surprised, but I don't have any kind of formal degree. Even in high school, I ended up with a General Education Diploma (GED), not a normal graduate diploma. So I don't look "normal" on paper, so to speak.

What I lack in paperwork, I more than makeup for in self-learned knowledge and the resulting experience.


I engage with a variety of learning platforms. This includes LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, and MasterClass.

I will soon be publishing a list of my certificates for all of these learning platforms.