Passion led us here

On a week gone by

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It's been a week and a half since I left my job with EVERSANA. I loved it there. The mission, the people, the work. But I needed something more, and now, I'm excited to see where my passion leads.

I am an effusive and energetic personality. I lift a room with positivity and creative ideas. It's one of the things that makes me such a great technical architect. And I get energy from others hearing and iterating on those ideas. I could go for hours on any topic!

Since we parted ways I've engaged in conversations with old friends, former colleagues, startups, heavyweights, consultancies, and others. I may name these in the future, but I'll play these close to the vest until I land somewhere. Not because it's secretive ... transparency is one of my core beliefs after all. But because I just don't know which way the wheel will turn yet.

My dual passions for technology and people have me hunting for a new life in Product Management/Ownership, and I couldn't be happier with that as an outcome.

Roles that can lead to product ownership for me also include Sales Engineering and Solutions Architecture. Depending on the company, these may even be treated as the same thing.

In the meantime, if you should find anything worth hunting down, let me know on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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