Some Observation

Some Observation

I recently picked this game up as part of a Humble Bundle supporting diabetes research. As a diabetic myself, this was an easy bundle to buy.

I finished the game this past weekend and I have to say, Observation is one of the best puzzlers with a story that I've played to date. Interesting, sometimes challenging, even frustrating.

There are parts of the game where it provides an automatic waypoint you can follow. This is helpful if you get turned around or lost in the station.

Other parts of the game will require you to determine the next steps on your own.

Sometimes, the puzzles are simpler than you might intuit. They certainly were for me. As a result, I ended up needing to refer to some walkthroughs online after being frustrated for a while. There were three distinct points in the game I found this to be the case.

I wish they had done more with the QR firmware updates for the connection orbs. That seems like a killer mechanic you could leverage for all kinds of things. Maybe Observation didn't require more from it to support the story, but another game perhaps could use something similar. It could also have been used to provide increased replay value.

I really enjoyed the sometimes challenging need to switch from cameras to the connection spheres. There are areas the cameras will not let you see, but the spheres can get to.

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I streamed my playthrough of Observation over on Twitch and had a lot of fun with it. I hope you find an opportunity to join me for a playthrough of something in the future.

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